Welcome to the Interaction Week 2019 submissions platform.

  • Interaction 19 conference: Call open from 6 Aug - 1 Oct 2018, 11:59 PM Pacific
  • Interaction Design Education Summit 2018: Call open from 1 Sep - 7 Oct 2018, 11:59 PM Pacific
  • IxDA Student Design Challenge: To be announced

Thank you for considering a submission to Interaction 19. 

We are seeking different length talks to accommodate different scopes, approaches and insights.

From 7 minutes talks to describe one straightforward use-case or concept, to 15 minutes to expand over a single larger idea with examples, to 35 minutes with a very rich, full-fledged and well articulated concept or historical walkthrough.

Most important, the talk you propose should fit one of the three levels of reflection. 

  • Interaction design in flux: What are the key changes? What are the most difficult challenges? What are our responsibilities as a discipline? 
  • Experiments: How are you innovating and experimenting? What has worked?  What has not? Do you have something to teach the rest of the community? 
  • Reinvent yourself: How are you reinventing yourself? What can you share that will help others navigate their reinvention? What do you see as most important role of design in the 21st century? 

The talks could happen any day between 6-8 Feb 2019. 

Find all the important information about this Call for Proposals on our website

Thank you for considering submitting a workshop at Interaction 19. 

We will have a mix of short (4h) and long (8h) workshops. You’ll be guiding your class through a specific topic, with a strong mix of hands-on exercises and lectures. We expect workshops that go one step further and consider an already experienced audience. We want them to do deep-dives on a topic from the very beginning.

The workshops happen on Tuesday, 5 February 2019.

Find all the important information about this Call for Proposals on our website.

Workshops at the Education Summit are for those people who are looking to build community through discussion or collaboration, especially in pursuit of new methodologies, pedagogical techniques, or emerging technologies. They can take the form of discussion roundtables or active collaboration.

The Summit is seeking submissions for two-hour and four-hour workshops.

The Summit seeks talks, 20 minutes in length, that respond through the lens of education to two areas of reflection: interaction design in flux, and experimentation

  • Interaction Design in Flux: How are you responding to changes in expectations from around what interaction designers do? What are you doing to teach new topics, methods, or approaches?
  • Experimentation: How are you exploring ways of breaking new ground outside the norms of design education? How have you partnered with industry or public pratitioners that have been successful? Have any great stories about explorations that went awry?

Please consider: what should summitt attendees take away from your talk? Talks that address pedagogy or models of partnership are particularly encouraged.

Interaction Week 2019: Design in the Wild