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Welcome to the Interaction Week 2018 Submission platform

Interaction 18

The call for the Interaction 18 submissions is closed.

Education Summit 2018

  • Deadline : November 21st anywhere on the planet (i.e midnight UTC-12).

  • Follow the links below to complete your submission package. We will only accept online submissions through this process.

  • Invitations will be sent to chosen workshop organizers, discussion leads, and speakers by December 12th.

Student Design Challenge

  • Deadline : December 8 anywhere on the planet (i.e midnight UTC-12).
Your submission should propose how you will facilitate a discussion among participants, focusing questions and prompts around a confluence topic (see examples in the call for proposals). Please include whether participants will need to prepare to contribute content to the discussion and how you will report on the outcomes. Summit attendees will have the opportunity to sign up well in advance of conference.
Rather than a long-form presentation, your submission should propose activities that demonstrate new methods or pedagogy, or engage attendees to explore a particular confluence topic (see examples of the call for proposals) that result in an outcome or proposed next steps. 

10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A

Your submission should outline an interaction design education topic on the theme of Confluence (see examples in the call for proposals). We are especially looking for presentations that propose or provoke independent, opposite, or corresponding concepts related to interaction design education.